Special Medical Skill

          Special Medical Skill Dr. Xianchen Wang, the director of Harbin Xianchen Vitiligo Research Institute, has developed a new method of  his own in the treatment of Vitiligo and attained very good effects. He has made a thorough investigation in the cause of vitiligo through consulting many traditional Chinese medicine books ,Mr. Wang  believes that the oncoming of Vitiligo is due to the rheumatism which intrudes into the skin and leads to incorrect adjustment of  vital energy and blood state of certain part of skin. On the basis of this theory and by using modern medical method, Mr. Wang and his partners have developed a series of pure natural medicines: orally used capsule; externally used liquid and lotion . These three medicines can be used together, which greatly increases the effect of curing the illness and shortens the period of treatment. Mr. Wang has developed a unique method of treatment.

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